Among Us Animation 2 Part 1 - Departure -

Among Us Animation 2 Part 1 – Departure

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There goes… Nothing action happens yet in this animation, it’s just beginning of season 2. Travel adventures to Mira HQ.
(I tried to test out and add some sound effects with music in animation. I don’t know if it fits? I’m so bad at finding/selecting/edit the right sounds on this one, lol.)

Part 2:

Among us Animation Season 1:

Artist: ANGL
Song Name: Fireburst
Song Link:
(The music link is normal, in this animation is slowed/edited)

Artist: Kevin Macleod, Synrinx Starr
Song Name: The Big Beat 80s
Song Link:

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  1. This season the quality really just goes through the roof

  2. This was so cute how the helmet fell over Baby Yellow and got stuck, then Lime(?)'s desperate attempt to fix it before he got into trouble. These are amazing, I hope you continue, but please don't burn yourself out!

  3. I like Mini yellow eating the lollipop 😍🥰

  4. I rather have the baby stay as a imposter bc it can proetect them bruh :v

  5. I'm Chinese, I just saw that our video site has a dubbing of this, and when I saw a name, I thought YouTube had it, I searched it, and I found it, it's really good

  6. TBH I hope this isn't the last of the polus crew

  7. i just imagine the dead shapeshifter yelling the entire navy seal copypasta at mini-yellow in a really fast voice

  8. The yellow crewmate and the little yellow crewmate and make it security beach and make glamrock freddy and glam rock chica and glam rock roxy and glam rock monty

  9. The last animation made me cry.

    And y'know what?

    I've NEVER cried at a movie. You've made a cinematic masterpiece.

  10. I like this video this part 🙂

  11. How you make the animation and I am subscribed to your channel

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